PACE Instrument Design Lab #1 . May 2012

Mission Design Lab

  • PACE 2102 Pre-Work / MDL: May 14-18, 2012 (.PDF)

Ocean Color Experiment - 2

  • OCE2 Closing Remarks (3) (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Closing Remarks (.PDF)
  • OCE2 DELTA Mechanisms 120501 (.PDF)
  • OCE2 DELTA Mechanisms 120502 (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Detectors Presentation (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Electrical Presentation (Kenda) (.PDF)
  • OCE2 FSW (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Mechanical (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Opening Remarks (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Optics Presentation (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Radiometry FINAL (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Radiometry Presentation (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Systems Presentation (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Thermal Presentation (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Mechanisms 120427 (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Mechanisms 120430 (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Mechanisms 120501 (.PDF)
  • OCE2 Mechanisms 120502 (.PDF)

Final Report

Cost Model
  • Delta OCE-2 IDL Parametric Cost Estimate and OCE-2 IDL Parametric Cost Estimate (Zipped)

Additional Reference Documents for the Customer
  • EEE-INST-002: Instructions for EEE Parts Selection, Screening, Qualification, and Derating (.PDF)
  • An Investigation of Substituting Class S Parts for Class B Parts in Air Force Electronics Systems (.PDF)
  • NASA Parts Policy (.PDF)
  • Farrand Controls Brochure (.PDF)
  • Electrical Characteristics (.JPG)
  • Customer Cost Input Sheet (.Excel)
  • OCE2 PDS Baseline (.Excel)
  • OCE2 PDS DELTA (.Excel)
  • Instrument - TRL (.PDF)
  • Cost Assumptions August 2011 (.PDF)
  • Electrical figures (.PDF)
  • Price H Distinction of Electronics Parts Class (PDF)
  • Technology Readiness Levels (PDF)
  • Instrument Reliability Assessment- Less Thermal (PDF)
  • Price H Spreadsheet Adjustment- Sept10 (PDF)
Electro-Optics Additional Info
  • IR-enhanced Si PIN photodiodes (.PDF)
Final Presentations / Baseline Final Presentations / Delta Final Presentations / Cost
  • OCE-2 and OCE-2 Delta Cost Presentation (.PDF)
Mechanical Models including final MEL Optical Models Structural Models
  • General Environmental Verification Standard (GEVS) (.PDF)
  • Rules for the Design, Development, Verification and Operation of Flight Systems (.PDF)
  • Mass Acceleration Curve for Spacecraft Structural Design (.PDF)
  • Prelim FEM files (Zipped)
Thermal Models

Customer Info

  • PACE Conflict of Interest Addendum (.PDF)
  • PACE Conflict of Interest Memo (.PDF)
  • IDL Planning Questionnaire (May2010)(PDF)
  • PACE atmosphere team measurement requirements (April 2012) (PDF)
  • PACE Ocean Measurement Requirements (PDF)
After Start of Study
  • PACE_PointingError (.PDF)
  • PACE Schedule (PDF)

  • Color Scheme Mapping (.XML)
  • PACE Zeroth Order Pointing Knowledge Requirement_files/filelist (.XML)
  • PACE Zeroth Order Pointing Knowledge Requirement_files/themedata (.THMX)
  • SeaWiFS CDR 12-18-1991 (.PDF)
  • SeaWiFS PDR July 16&17, 1991 Optical Character (.PDF)
Detector Readout Concept

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